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Neglect Results in Death of Nursing Home Resident

More often than not we are forced to do things that we would prefer not to. One example would be placing our loved ones under the care and supervision of a skilled nursing facility. When our loved ones are in a fragile state, we would like to keep them as close to us as possible. Sadly, at times, we are not able to provide our loved ones with the attention and medical care they need. While we would like to think that they are being provided with the highest level of care at a skilled nursing facility, it is regrettably more likely that they are not. An unfortunate example of this would be a recent case at a home in Medford, New York where the neglect of a 72-year-old woman who was under the care of a skilled nursing facility lead to her untimely death.

Evidence shows that the staff ignored all alerts and pages from the patient for more than two hours. The resident stopped breathing and, according to authorities, had likely been dead for some time until a nurses aid finally went to check on her. The level of ignorance and mistreatment in this appalling case is astounding. At a certain point the elderly are unable to breathe on their own, and therefore, are hooked up to a ventilator which regulates their breathing. While it is ludicrous that this resident was ignored for over two hours the resident had orders from her doctor stating that she must be connected to a ventilator machine at night. These orders were blatantly disregarded, which led authorities to believe this was the actual cause of her death.

Records show that the owners of the facility were pocketing at least 60 million dollars in Medicaid funding that should have gone to better care in the nursing home. The owners of the facility cut salaries, which in turn lowered the quality of care and supervision, and continued to collect salaries equal to over 400 employees total. The home was charged with 130 violations of state regulations and had over 4,000 accidents and incidents that they did not report to state health officials. Some of the staff was even taken into custody for concealing records from state health officials that were related to deaths at the facility
Do not allow for your loved ones to be placed in jeopardy of serious injury or death. Do not let the people who you have entrusted to care for your loved ones pocket tens of millions of dollars in government funding while they deny your loved ones the medical treatments to which they are entitled. Here at the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi we want you to know your rights. Contact us today at (888) 606-3453 for a free consultation. We will fight zealously to protect your loved ones. We have locations in Southern and Northern California and serve communities across the state.