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Pressure Ulcers Linked to Patient Mortality and Hospital Re-admittance

A new study published by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society concluded that there is a direct correlation between pressure ulcers (bedsores) developed during hospitalization, patient mortality and hospital re-admittance. According to the study, not only did seniors that developed pressure ulcers during their hospital stay have a higher chance of returning to the hospital within 30 days, but they also had a higher chance of dying during this subsequent hospital stay.

The lead researcher of this study by the UCLA School of Nursing, Dr. Courtney Lynder, was quoted saying, “It is incumbent upon hospitals to identify individuals at high risk for these ulcers and implement preventive interventions immediately upon admission”. The study found that approximately 4.5 percent of the patients being tracked in the study developed a pressure ulcer during their hospital stay. The majority of these patients developed the bedsores in the pelvic area such as the hip and tailbone. Of the nearly 3,000 patients that were admitted to the hospital with a pressure ulcer, 16.7 percent developed a new pressure ulcer on another part of their body during their hospital stay.

This study uncovers how serious the issue of pressure ulcers really is, especially in patients who are already at high risk of developing these wounds. Whether pressure ulcers are developed within the confines of a hospital or a nursing home, they are extremely painful and detrimental to the health of residents. Skilled nursing facilities must be vigilant to prevent such conditions from occurring by taking the necessary precautions such as alternating the position of immobile bedridden patients at least every hour and properly assessing the level of severity of the pressure ulcer, in order to implement the appropriate treatments. Effective treatment and prevention of pressure sores, however, is only possible with sufficient staff that are well-trained. If your loved one has developed multiple pressure ulcers, this may be a sign that his or her nursing home is understaffed. Unfortunately, maintaining a high quality of care is not always a priority in some nursing homes, especially in those that seek to increase profits by understaffing. This is an affront to the dignity and respect that nursing home residents deserve and a direct violation of their Patients’ Rights.

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