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Nursing Home Residents with Dementia Need More Vigilant Care

It is well known that the aging population is on a continuous rise with people living longer than ever before due to the increase in more chronic conditions, such as cancer and dementia. The progression of these conditions increase the need for more care and heighten the chance for more nursing care problems, such as malnutrition, due to degenerative physical, social, and cognitive functions. Patients who suffer from dementia, especially, may be affected in the early stages of their illness.

A recent study explored progressions of care dependency and nursing care problems that often occur in nursing home residents with and without dementia over time. The results of the study showed that residents who suffered from dementia were more dependent on care in various areas than residents who did not have dementia. Moreover, residents with dementia experienced a less of an increase in urinary incontinence but a greater increase in fecal- and double incontinence.

These results indicate that nursing home staff must be aware of the increased care needs of these vulnerable patients and be proactive in meeting all of their care needs.